I Don't Care How Old You Are — You Are Never Too Old for the Magic of Disney World

by Eve Vawter

Image via  Etsy

Image via Etsy

The week before last I was in Florida and I totally had to drag my kids to Disney World. And I say I had to drag them because I think I was more excited than they were. I'm a cynical old broad — usually pretty cranky and critical — but nothing warms my cold black heart more than hanging out at Disney World, and I doubt that will ever change.

Everything is wonderful at the Happiest Place On Earth. The landscaping is gorgeous. You never see trash anywhere. The people employed by the parks are always lovely and cheerful. The food and beverages are decent to amazing and the rides and shows are always beyond charming. Even though the day we picked turned out to have crowds at maximum capacity I still found myself swooning over how awesome it is to go there. 

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I would basically live in the Haunted Mansion if I could.

I remember bringing my kids when they were younger and feeling like going to D-World was the only time my husband and I felt like we had an actual vacation. Mainly because the kids would be so worn out after a day in the parks that we could settle in with a cocktail and watch them lazily splash in the pool before they conked out by 9 p.m. Now that they are older, they were just as excited and blown away by the attractions as they were when they were toddler-age. If anything, taking them now was easier because they were old enough to make them wait in line for my Dole Whip while I relaxed on a nearby bench. 

I can't help but think I will wanna go to Disney World or Land when I'm much older, like 70. That sounds like a pretty great birthday party for a senior, a trip to Disney World. I'll wear a Mickey sweatshirt and ooh and ahh at the tiki birds and demand we go on The Haunted Mansion five times in a row. Plus, I can always just chill out in the Hall of Presidents if the crowds are too much for me. 

So even though it's far away and expensive and can be crowded and hot, I'll always love Disney. I don't think I'll ever get sick of that magic, no matter how old I am.