I Blew All My Money on the Playstation VR & It Is Totally Blowing My Mind

by Eve Vawter

Image via  YouTube

Image via YouTube

When I saw the trailer for 100 Ft Robot Golf I decided I had to preorder a $500 virtual reality add-on bundle for our Playstation 4 system. Because 100 FT ROBOT GOLF! 


So I don't have this robot golf game yet, but my PS4 VR arrived last week and it's basically all I've been doing since I received it. This thing is AMAZING. I have been reading so many reviews on the system, obviously from crybaby millennials, who aren't nearly as floored by it as they should be. It's CRAZY!

I mean, you strap on this super cute Daft Punk helmet, load in whatever game you want to play, and it's like nothing you have ever seen before. If you have played around with a virtual reality viewer like the cardboard kind that Google sent people, then you have a vague idea of what the technology looks like, but it's nothing compared to how immersive and cool the actual PS VR is. There have been times I had to remove the helmet because the game I was playing made me feel too discombobulated. And to think that we all grew up playing Pong and this is the technology we have now, well, that's super mind-blowing. 

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My favorite game so far is one entitled Job Simulator by Owlchemy Labs where you visit a museum to learn how to job like people did in the past, because now all jobs are performed by robots. You can work in an office, as an auto mechanic, as a chef, and as a convenience store employee. It's hilarious and charming and laugh out loud funny. 


I've played a few of the other demos and there's a lot to take in, including some super adorable free games in the online Playstation VR playroom. I have watched my kid play some of the horror games and I'm not sure I'll ever be brave enough to tackle those, but I don't really need to considering I can be a giant lizard monster who wrecks buildings with my head. 

Image via  Playstation

Image via Playstation

So is it worth the $500? Well, it will probably go down in price eventually but I think it is. Especially if you have a lot of people in your household. For me, we don't really do a lot of things like take fancy trips or see a lot of movies, and we tend to relax at home on our downtime. Plus, with the holidays coming and a lot of people coming over it will be a lot of fun showing it to them. I've always been a fan of getting one BIG gift for the family to share for Christmas instead of a mess of smaller things that will get discarded or broken anyway and this totally fits the bill.

It's crazy entertaining, has games and stories for people of all ages, and with new content coming out all the time I'm sure it will have a ton of replay value. Now if you'll excuse me, this job isn't going to job itself and my job bot has said if I do a good job, I'll get a promotion.