Get the Look: Chris MacNeil From 'The Exorcist'

by Eve Vawter

Image via  Movieclips/YouTube

For the month of October, I will be bringing you looks based on all of our favorite iconic horror movie women. First up, we have none other than Chris MacNeil, mother of Regan MacNeil, and a true hero because the second my kid started peeing all over my floor and making her bed shake I would have abandoned her in a dumpster. Chris was brilliantly acted by Ellen Burstyn in 1973, and throughout the entire movie she manages to look chic and beautiful even when her kid is communing with Cap'n Howdy. 


I still have never watched this entire movie and even the trailer scares me to bits. 


Even writing this kinda scared me. 

Here's how to get the look.

Images: Vintage Dress:  1stDibs , Lipstick:  YSL , Vintage earrings:  Etsy , Ouija Board:  Pinterest

Images: Vintage Dress: 1stDibs, Lipstick: YSL, Vintage earrings: Etsy, Ouija Board: Pinterest

This dress isn't perfect, and if you are planning on this for your Halloween costume I would quick grab this dress which I think works better, but all you need is something ice blue with a bit of sparkle and you are good to go. For a daytime look you could go for a cream turtleneck and a pair of big black sunglasses and a camel coat. The main thing is the strawberry blonde bowl cut to complete your look. 

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So is The Exorcist the scariest movie you have ever seen? Will you be sleeping with all your lights on just from reading this post? I probably will.