Get The Look: Endora from 'Bewitched'

Growing up, I didn't think there was anyone more beautiful or stylish than Endora, played by Agnes Moorehead, on Bewitched. Sure, other little girls wanted to grow up to look like Farrah Fawcett or Cheryl Tiegs or Olivia Newton John, but all I wanted was orange hair and Cleopatra eye makeup and a caftan. Now that I'm an old broad and my fashion sense can be described as No Fucks Given cum Whatever Is Clean I can totally look to Derwood's nemesis for my style inspiration. And now you can too. 

Images: Dress:  1st Dibs , Earrings:  Marissa Collections , Sandals:  Lilly Pulitzer , Eyeliner:  Bobbi Brown

Images: Dress: 1st Dibs, Earrings: Marissa Collections, Sandals: Lilly Pulitzer, Eyeliner: Bobbi Brown

What would Endora wear? A 1965 Pierre Cardin Haute-Couture Beaded Green Silk-Chiffon Caftan Gown, of course. And if that seems like a lot of money, just use your witchy powers to get the money or make your husband Maurice buy it for you. One of Endora's trademarks is her perfectly applied black winged eyeliner — I love using a gel eyeliner because I'm clumsy like that and I find I make less mistakes when I use a brush. 


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Images: Dress:  The OutNet , necklace and earring set:  ETsy,  Eyeshadow:  Dior , Lipstick:  Elizabeth Arden

Images: Dress: The OutNet, necklace and earring set: ETsy, Eyeshadow: Dior, Lipstick: Elizabeth Arden

Endora always rocked these amazing Pucci-esque dresses coupled with colored pearls and giant earrings. She was fond of pairing a pale blue eyeshadow with a coral lip. This look is perfect for intimidating your nosy neighbor Gladys. 

Images:  YouTube , Turban:  1St Dibs , Brooch:  Etsy , Mr. Bubble:  AmAzon , Necklace:  1St Dibs , earrings:  Barney's  

Images: YouTube, Turban: 1St Dibs, Brooch: Etsy, Mr. Bubble: AmAzon, Necklace: 1St Dibs, earrings: Barney's 

I think a turban could easily solve any bad hair day you may be having, and why not cover yourself in bubbles instead of wearing clothing? I am hella allergic to Mr. Bubble, so if like me you break out in a terrifying itchy red rash then feel free to substitute any bubble bath with a high foam content. 

Here is some more Endora style inspiration for you: 


As I said, nobody was more stylish and beautiful than Endora, and I basically think we should all just start wearing caftans and backcombing our hair and adding fake eyelashes and heavy eyeliner. And casting spells on everyone who annoys us. Which one of you witches is with me?