Get the Look: Lady Elaine Fairchilde From Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Images via  Y  ouTube ,  Shop PBS ,  YouTube

Images via YouTube, Shop PBSYouTube

Every neighborhood has its cranky older lady. The one who wears basically the same thing every day. The one who may either be flushed from one too many afternoon cocktails or who may simply go HAM on the contour-enhancing rouge. The one who uses a Boomerang Toomerang Soomerang to turn the neighborhood upside-down. You, my dear, were born to be this lady. 

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Lady Elaine had it going on. Not only did she usually wear the same uniform every day, which will totally save you time in the getting-ready department, but she also knew what looked good on her: red to complement her facial coloring, a white lace ruff around her neck, a wash-and-wear hairstyle perfect for both curating a museum and discovering a far-away planet. Here's how you can steal her iconic look for yourself. 

Images Via:  YouTube , Nars Lipstick in VIP red:  Nars , Marcecot lace blouse:  Farfetch , Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Bang: , Wool Moschino coat:  Yoox , Black Ralph Lauren velvet leggings:  StyleBop

Images Via: YouTube, Nars Lipstick in VIP red: Nars, Marcecot lace blouse: Farfetch, Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Bang:, Wool Moschino coat: Yoox, Black Ralph Lauren velvet leggings: StyleBop

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Lady Elaine Fairchilde is a true feminist icon. She was not merely a scrap of fabric with no feet and some man's hand up her ass. Not only did she run the Rapid Walking Beauty Counseling and Professional Bridesmaid School, she also never took any lip from King Friday. Heck, she hardly ever even addressed him as "King," but instead referred to him as simply "Friday." She plays the accordion, the piano, and the oboe. She is a helicopter pilot and also produces a soap opera. All the while looking chic and elegant in her minimalist red, black, and white wardrobe. This look would be perfect for you, toots.