Get The Look: Yahtzee!

by Eve Vawter

Image via  Amazon

Image via Amazon

There is something terribly charming about card and board games, and growing up my people had a fondness for one particular game that I don't see a lot of people playing anymore. For kids these days it's all Pokémon GO or crushing the candies. But back in my day, there was only one game that we played on every holiday and every family get-together, and this, my friends, this game is Yahtzee! 

Yahtzee! is a very inexpensive game. You can buy a complete set for about 12 bucks, almost any age can play as long as you can execute simple addition, it doesn't take up a lot of room, and it doesn't take four hours to complete like that family-fun-time-destroyer Monopoly. Growing up, my games consisted of Latvian grandmas pretending to spit on the dice before they rolled them and forgetting if they had taken two or three turns, and that feeling of dread I would get when I still hadn't rolled a large straight and I had to zero out my ones. 

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My question for you, dear reader, is this: Why not challenge your family and friends to a game of Yahtzee! and serve up some delicious and snacks and beverages and also dress to look like Yahtzee!? Why not, indeed. 

Images: Vintage Cotton Dress:  1stDibs,  Pre-Owned Louis Vuitton 'Gamble' Necklace:  theRealReal , Yahtzee!:  Amazon , Kate Spade NY Highball Glasses:  Lord and Taylor , Manolo Blahnik Pointed Toe Pump:  Gilt  

Images: Vintage Cotton Dress: 1stDibs, Pre-Owned Louis Vuitton 'Gamble' Necklace: theRealReal, Yahtzee!: Amazon, Kate Spade NY Highball Glasses: Lord and Taylor, Manolo Blahnik Pointed Toe Pump: Gilt 

The above is more of a Sunday afternoon look so plan your day drinking accordingly. If you decided to play Yahtzee! in the evening you could go with something like the following: 

Images: Yahtzee!:  Amazon , Marlboro Cigarettes:  Pinterest , Thomas Fuchs Skull Cocktail Shaker:  Barneys , Pencil Set:  Nordstrom , Gucci embellished lace dress:  MyTheresa

Images: Yahtzee!: Amazon, Marlboro Cigarettes: Pinterest, Thomas Fuchs Skull Cocktail Shaker: Barneys, Pencil Set: Nordstrom, Gucci embellished lace dress: MyTheresa

I don't wanna hear any lip from you about how smoking is unhealthy, because of course it is, but many of my family members smoked while playing Yahtzee!, and also drank, which is why I included this dreamy skull cocktail shaker. 

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Life is far too short. I vote that instead of spending our evenings watching Big Brother or surfing the interwebs we mix up some cocktails and place our dice in a cup and let them tumble onto the table, all while dressing like a freakin' awesome board game. I hope you try this, dear reader, and I also hope you get a 30 on your sixes.