Get The Look: Joyce Byers from 'Stranger Things'

by Eve Vawter

Image via  IMDB

Image via IMDB

When you're a single mom of two, one of them missing, and you've got a total douche-canoe for an ex-husband, and you need to spend a lot of time hanging Christmas lights and also crawling around the Upside Down, well, you need to dress for comfort. 

I still can't get over how much I really loved Stranger Thingsespecially seeing Winona Ryder on screen again, because as any girl of a certain age can tell you, we all adore her. I don't care if her portrayal of Joyce was a little bit wooden — I have no idea how I would react if my kid were being held hostage by a creepy monster-alien thing and could only communicate with me via Christmas lights. I refuse to judge Joyce. Actually, she's my new style icon. 

Images: Jacket:  AE , Striped shirt:  HarpersBazaar , Axe:  OpticsPlanet , Vintage cords:  TheRealReal , Telephone:  Charish , White Christmas Lights:  Target

Images: Jacket: AE, Striped shirt: HarpersBazaar, Axe: OpticsPlanet, Vintage cords: TheRealReal, Telephone: Charish, White Christmas Lights: Target

Joyce is caring and loving and resourceful and a total badass, especially because she never loses hope that she will find her son Will. She refuses to be put off by her smug teenager Johnathan who doesn't seem to be taking Will's disappearance seriously at all at first, or that hungover bumbling police chief Jim Hopper. Plus, I saw this image the other day and I cannot help but feel I'm not alone in my Joyce appreciation. 

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I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of Joyce come Halloween, but I'm going to steal her style for my day-to-day. Even though carrying an axe may get kinda heavy.