Beauty Tips From an Old Bag: Puffy Eye Solutions

by Eve Vawter

Image via  Giphy

Image via Giphy

I knew I would get wrinkles. I knew I would get laugh lines. But everyone failed to tell me about how on occasion I would wake up looking like my eyes were surrounded by puffy death bags™ and dark circles. It's basically the worst. 

I wouldn't consider myself a vain person. Even though I'm not a supermodel I like to look nice. I know what I'm working with here. And what I mean by looking nice is that I like to look like I sleep more than two hours a night and didn't fall asleep crying into my pillow, which can be near impossible when I wake up and the death bags™ are present. I'm not sure why this happens to us older people, but it probably has to do with water retention and aging and um, our kids. And other stresses. Yes, I'll blame it on that. And it doesn't happen every morning, but just often enough where I have started — beyond my usual skin care routine — to seek out products specifically designed to make my eyes less puffy in the morning. I have read that cold cucumber slices placed over the eyes work. Some people swear by using Preparation H (yes, the hemorrhoid cream) on their eyes to reduce puffiness.

Here are a few products I have tried that I actually like, but this is where you, dear reader, come in. But more on that in a second. 

Origins No Puffery Cooling Roll-On

Image via  Sephora

Image via Sephora

This little tube of gel has been my go-to over the last year. I keep it in my refrigerator, roll it on in the morning, and voilà! My bags are usually gone within half an hour or so. And I love the way it smells. 

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The Estée Edit Late Night Eraser

Image via  Sephora

Image via Sephora

I have used this stuff as well and it works OK but it's not an better than the Origins. 

Oil of Olay Depuffing Eye Roller

Image via  Amazon

Image via Amazon

The fact the image says "eye bags" on it is kinda the best. I dig Oil of Olay stuff because it's been around forever (like 1952!) and it's always winning Best of Beauty awards so I always assume it's a trusted brand. This product also works well for making me look less baggy in the morning. 

So remember what I said above? Here's where I need your help. Do you also have this problem? What are you using? Or are you just resorting to wearing big, black sunglasses like I do when the bags don't go down fast enough and I can't deal with it. Or are you wearing a blindfold all day? Do tell!