10 Latch Hook Kits To Spend Your Kid's Inheritance On

by Theresa Edwards

Image by  Bastardang/Flickr ; Modified by Maximum MIddle Age

Image by Bastardang/Flickr; Modified by Maximum MIddle Age

Here's the truth about children (not that you'd know it from the influx of First Parent to Ever Have Had a Baby types populating your news feed with tastefully curated pictures of their children's toilet leavings): They suck.

Even the FPTHHAB types know this, it's why they hint at functional alcoholism with their tastefully curated pictures of sweaty wine glasses held in their sweaty palms as they attempt to drink themselves into oblivion. 

#4YearsOfVassarForThisShitIGuess #Blessed

But you probably know this best because a) your kids are garbage, and because b) you are yourself someone's garbage kid. We can't eat our offspring, but we can spend all of the money they're hoping we'll leave them, and the best way to do this is multiple detours to seedy auction sites peddling seedy latch hook kits along the dark road to our inevitable deaths. Here we go:

1. This bear

Image via  Etsy

Image via Etsy

Ease your way into latch hook connoisseurship with this vaguely racist teddy bear that hates you. The bear doesn't hate you as much as your little Michaela, who reminds you of this often as she retreats to the room full of shit you bought her before slamming the door in your face. But hanging this little fucker in the kitchen while you help Michaela fill out her FAFSA will remind you of how awful she is, long after she blessedly fucks off to college finally.

2. These bells

Image via  Ebay

Image via Ebay

It's said that bells have a language all their own. These particular ones sing: BING BONG BING BONG YOU'RE A TRAGIC DISAPPOINTMENT TO ME RAUL BONG BING BONG.

3. Murderclown

Image via  Amazon

Image via Amazon

Every old lady needs a murderclown, and this one is a great start, especially if one day you want to leave the latch hook game and start a shrine of grotesque clowns on a dusty chiffarobe in a dim-as-shit room full of plastic-wrapped furniture and toys that you won't let your grandkids play with out of spite. 

Yeah, I know you want to play with the toys, Caydenn. Tell your mom that if she wanted her kids to have fun here, she wouldn't have let her mother-in-law hold you first when you were born.

4. Penisphant

Image via  Ebay

Image via Ebay

Oh, look! A latch hook puppet! And it looks like a penis! Hang this up in the powder room for when your son Andre comes home, and he'll have months of material for his blog; a digital tome so full of hate for you that the boner it's giving Freud from beyond the grave is causing a tectonic shift that can be felt from Andre's shitty Venice Beach walkup you still pay the renter's insurance on. 

5. Basket full of kittens

Image via  Ebay

Image via Ebay

Now we're getting somewhere. Pairs very nicely with implying early-onset dementia every time your sweet Renee calls up to bitch about her new job in Miami. When she asks you if you have time to source florists for her wedding to that little dickwhistle she's thinking of marrying because, "really mom, what else are you going to do at home all day?" start calling her by your dead twin's name or shrieking vulgarities at her.

6. Le tigre

Image via  Stuff4Crafts

Image via Stuff4Crafts

You really don't even need to hate kids to have this bad boy hanging in your kitchen collecting scrapple grease.

7. This dipshit owl

Image via  Amazon

Image via Amazon

Hoo! Hoo! Hoo do we have here? Surprise! It's Jeremy, the lovable fuck-up whose jaundiced entrance into the world marked the end of your dancing career! He will love hanging this up in his cubicle when they finally let him out on work release, little scamp.

8. Those majestic AF orcas

Image via  Ebay

Image via Ebay

Rename these three orcas Anton, Kesha, and Quentin, and talk to them instead of their namesakes, because those ungrateful little shits are apparently too busy putting high-grade yay up their cute little button noses in Oaxacala with what was going to be your down payment on that cottage you've always wanted to buy. Oh, the joys of parenthood!

9. The Last Supper

Image via  Ebay

Image via Ebay

The only thing that freaks your kids out more than spending their ever-dwindling inheritance on old people crap is finding religion late in life. They only ever come home so they can patronize you, so put an end to that shit with some old-school religion. Really fucking old-school. Like, insist-on-taking-your-barely-Episcopalian-kids-to-six-hour-Latin-mass-before-you-let-them-eat-Thanksgiving-dinner old. 

10. One goddamn cent

Image via  Crafts By mall

Image via Crafts By mall

This one is the one you buy last. 'Hook this bitch, then tuck it into a manila envelope and give it to your lawyer, and then once you're finally dead, your executor can pull this out when it's time to read your will and say, "To my darling children, I leave this discolored bit of yarn fluff pushing up through plastic mesh and implore you to all go ahead and suck it."

Man, they're going to be sooo pissed.