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Image via Kelly Wickham Hurst

Age: 45

What was your first concert?

Wham! But back then they were known as Wham!UK and no one knew George Michael was gay.

Image via  Giphy

Image via Giphy

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Who was your biggest childhood crush?

Michael Jackson. I had his album on my dresser standing up like a picture frame.

Favorite book growing up?

I had a picture book of Czar Nicholas and his daughter Anastasia that I wore out. The pages were falling out and I couldn't keep the binding together anymore.

What's your best childhood toy-related scar?

I had a sit-n-spin that broke from overuse so I began turning around in circles in the living room so that I could get dizzy and I crashed into the large TV set (they used to sit on the floor like a dresser) and banged the above my eye on the sharp corner. I used to stare at the scar so much that I started practicing raising my eyebrow (which came in handy as a mom).

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What's the best part of getting older?

Knowing myself and when I am slipping into something that could be dangerous for me and having the willingness to ask for help. I also love not taking shit from anyone, anywhere.


Kelly Wickham Hurst is a middle school administrator, rule breaker, and social justice advocate. She is the mother of six children and is happily, disgustingly married to the heart of her hearts, a man she calls The Cuban.

Kelly Fletcher was a foolish, loudmouthed teenager who couldn't stand being told 'no' by anyone. She was disobedient and constantly being told to stop talking.