Watch Cute Boy Bill Nighy Talk About How He Thinks He's Getting Old

by Eve Vawter

Image via  IMDB

Image via IMDB

Bill Nighy is hella swoony. He's handsome and charming and charismatic and always impeccably dressed. He's also worried about the type of roles he's getting in movies now that he's older. I think it's so nice to see a dude in Hollywood discussing this because we are so used to seeing Helen Mirren talking about this subject.

It's about time men in movies talk about the types of roles they get when they are no longer all young and spry, like Jack Nicholson. That's a total joke — Jack Nicholson is like 79 now and they would probably get a 25 year old to play his love interest.

Anyway, here's what old Billy has to say. 


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I'm sorry, but they could make The Fifth Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with him in it and I'd watch it. Looking at IMDB, it seems old Bill here is next slated to star in the film adaptation of Heidi.. as Heidi's grandfather. 

BRB, buying advance tickets now.