Friday Open Thread: Behold This Bucket of Cookies. What Snack Would You Fill a Bucket With?

by Karen Miner

Image via  Giphy  / Mmm... Cookies

Image via Giphy / Mmm... Cookies

That's right. I said BUCKET OF COOKIES. Warm, gooey, melty, hot-out-the-oven cookies. AND YOU GET A BUCKET FULL. This is not a drill.

You watch this while I book a flight to Minnesota:


After playing this glorious video more than once, the only thing I can even think about wanting to fill my bucket with is these exact cookies. But there are so many other delicious snacks out there for YOUR buckets... 

For instance, I think Theresa wants to fill hers with this delightfully-hued Kool-Aid chicken.

What's in your bucket?