Friday Open Thread: What Weird Stuff Have You Put in Your Coffee?

by Karen Miner

Coffee can be a touchy and highly personal subject — one that we love to debate. Starbucks or Dunkin'? (Neither, if you ask me.) Cream or sugar? Dark roast or light? Caf or (gasp!) decaf?

Standard choices aside, there are also unusual additions to your cup o' joe. And while they aren't necessarily new, I've been seeing a lot of random coffee add-ins popping up again lately. Let's take a look at some, shall we?

  • Espresso tonic: This is cold brew's sexier cousin which uses tonic water. I can't help but want to add booze to this.
  • Coffee and ice cream sandwich milkshake. OK, this is more of a dessert than actual coffee, and I would absolutely sacrifice a cup for this. 
  • Bulletproof coffee (aka butter in your coffee): One of the older trends — I've never gotten on board with this one. Anyone?
  • Coffee lemonade: I actually tried this one, and it surprised me. I was really ready to hate it, but it actually wasn't bad. 
Image via  Giphy

Image via Giphy

Obviously, we've all put a splash of Baileys or rum or Amaretto in our (morning?) coffee. And I definitely tried making a Biscoff-coffee concoction when I got my hands on my first jar of that glorious cookie butter (it didn't end well). But for the most part, I'm a plain ol' coffee-with-a-splash-of-cream kinda gal. 

So... what are your strong coffee opinions? (See what I did there...?) I know you've got 'em. And what's the weirdest thing you've put in your coffee? If the answer is NyQuil, you'll get no judgment from me.