Friday Open Thread: Chores Are the Worst

by Eve Vawter

Image via  Pixabay

Image via Pixabay

Do you know what the worst is? CHORES. HOUSEWORK. Jobs you gotta do because if you don't do them no one else will. Now, I know some of you are singletons and child-free and also some of you have people who can do the chores for you, but I gotta man and kids and a house that needs constant housekeepery and even though my people help out I still gotta do a lot.

Like fold all this damn laundry. 

image via  Giphy

image via Giphy

I also HATE going to the grocery store. Deciding what to make for the week, carrying stuff in, and putting it away. So tell me, what do you hate? What do you wish you could hire a robot to do? And what chores do you LOVE? I actually love mopping and dusting but I can do without scrubbing the bathroom.