Friday Open Thread: To Pokémon, or Not to Pokémon?

by Victoria Barrett

Image via  Giphy

Image via Giphy

Hey! I'm new here. Talk to me. Are you playing Pokémon GO? Are you hating Pokémon GO? Are you like, "What's a Pokémon, anyway?" 

Eve Vawter is looking for some more tangible captures.


Meanwhile, a little about me, your humble new Domestic Arts editor: I am a lesser DIY deity, one of those types for whom necessity (i.e. not having shit I wanted as a kid) became a motivator for how to live my whole life. I have cut my own hair, made my own clothes, remodeled my house, launched a boutique fiction press, grown my family's food, all of it. My DIY ethos is no doubt the reason I write (world-building!) and edit. Basically, I'm coming for you, Martha, minus the prison time and enormous wealth and plus a lot of sentences and paragraphs. I imagine, and create, and describe, and like everybody with the Pokémon creatures, I keep searching. 

You can find me here, here, here, here, and here.

But talk to me right here, in the comments. What are you searching for this week? What do you hope to find?