This Guy Proves That Dating Over 30 Has Its Advantages

by Karen Miner

image via  Pixabay

image via Pixabay

Dating when you're over 30 doesn't sound so bad if you happen to be going out with this guy.

In a recent Reddit thread on /datingoverthirty, commenters described their pre-date rituals, and one 30-something's multi-day process stood out:

Talk about attention to detail. Mow the lawn? Clean out the car? WATER THE PLANTS? This guy has all areas covered, including attending to his body hair in the proper time frame so as not to prickle his companion. Now I haven't dated for some time, but this is nothing like the barely 20-year-olds I remember going out with, cars full of fast-food wrappers and sweaty gym clothes, and apartments chock full of dirty... everything. One thing I can assure you of — there were no plants to be watered amongst those boys' homes. 

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Granted, most of this prep work happens in case he brings his date back to his place, which may be a bit presumptuous, but at least if you do end up there the fridge will be stocked with "stuff that women like," and the floor will be freshly Roomba'd.

Tell us your pre-30s dating horror stories — we know you've got 'em.