There's a Totally Badass Shopping Site for Us Old Broads Called Apprécier

by Eve Vawter

Image via Apprécier

Image via Apprécier

While roaming across these here Internets I stumbled upon a totally new shopping site geared towards those of us a bit past millennial age that seems super cool (although a bit geared towards those of us who have saved up our milk money). Despite the fact a lot of the items are a bit spendier than the sale rack at J. Crew, I absolutely adore Apprécier's mission statement

We are proud of our years, but we have a real aversion to simplistic formulas about dressing by decade (your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, etc.) as if we are all united in style after a certain point — and no tolerance for back-handed compliments that end in "for your age." We want our personal style to evolve, to enhance how we are perceived and to enrich how we live. Apprécier's goal is to put the fun back in shopping!

There will always be style iconoclasts who push the boundaries — Bravo, Tilda Swinton, Anna Dello Russo, and Iris Apfel! — but this site is for the rest of us, who want chic, modern clothes that make us feel great and make sense for our full and busy lives. We will feature profiles of a wide range of stylish women and our boutique will include an expertly curated selection of shop-able merchandise at a range of price points, since that's how we all dress, nowadays.

Love all of this! Plus, I totally love and covet a lot of the items they are featuring: 

Boss Lady Ballerina Flats

These are a bit steep at $395 but totally awesome and worth it because think of how cool you would feel looking down at your feet all day? 

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Leopard Print Blanket Coat

Even though this coat costs a bit over one large ($1,191 to be precise), I can't help but think how many $100 winter coats I have purchased over the years and thrown away due to shoddy construction. This baby is the sort of thing you could hand down to another deserving family member. 


Plus, they also feature $8 T-shirts and some other bargain items. I love their editorial stories about how to put things together and the entire tone of the site, and I will for sure be checking them out to see what other features they come up with.

It's time that retailers start realizing that just because you become a girl of a certain age you still appreciate clothing and style and you are sick of being neglected by retailers who don't want to seem too "old" if they cater to you. Even though I rarely blow a few hundred bucks on a pair of shoes, the next time I do I'll be checking out what Apprécier is linking to before I do.