'The Blair Witch Project' Traumatized Me & This Sequel Trailer Is Freaking Me out

Image via Lionsgate/YouTube

I didn't see The Blair Witch Project in theaters. I saw it while I was babysitting my nephew. All alone*. While he was sleeping. What is it about this movie that truly upset so many women I know? And why will I be seeing the sequel on opening day if I'm so afraid of it? 

The other day at Comic Con the new trailer for The Woods was released, and it was reveled that it was actually a movie entitled Blair Witch, a sequel to the 1999 Blair Witch Project. The movie that scared me so badly 17 years ago was being remade by Adam Winged who directed the amazingly feminist You're Next. Check out the trailer below if you feel like getting day-nightmares. 


The Blair Witch Project scared me to death. Not even because of the supernatural elements or the jump scares, it was more this feeling that it gave me, of every bad moment from my own childhood... including getting lost in the woods close to my home when I was young.

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I am pretty sure the Germans probably have some beautiful word for that sense of unease you get when you view certain things or read certain things (I'm looking at you, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski) that give you this sort of terrified hallucinatory feeling, but I can't think of how to explain it. I'm sure a psychologist could explain this better but I'm also sure I'm not the only person who feels this way. I love scary movies, and I love horror and all that, but this is probably going to be something else, meaning it will also give me nightmares. But I will watch it anyway, because there's also something cathartic about it. What about you? Will you be getting scared with me? 

*And after I had finished watching my nephew woke up and we were sitting on the sofa waiting for my sister to come home and watching TV. Suddenly, the TV turned on and off and the TV turned back on and volume got deafeningly loud. Every time I attempted to turn the TV off it turned back on. Because my younger sister and her husband and one of our friends were outside the freakin' window turning it on and off to scare me, because this was back in the day of universal remotes. They thought they were pretty damn funny. I spent the night at my sister's where I was babysitting that night and when I woke up they had left me bundles of twigs tied with string like in The Blair Witch Project. Not cool guys... not cool. :( :( :( :(