Get The Look: Minnie Castevet from 'Rosemary's Baby'

by Eve Vawter

Image via  CriterionCollection /YouTube

Image via CriterionCollection/YouTube

When people talk about the iconic style of Polanski's 1968 psychological horror film, they are usually referring to the gaminesque style of the pixie-hair'd, doe-eyed, babydoll-frock'd Rosemary Woodhouse portrayed by Mia Farrow. I urge you to look beyond the obvious to the real style icon of the movie, which is Minnie Castevet played by Ruth Gordon. Minnie Castevet is the pendant-giving, chocolate mousse-making, head witch of the satanic coven that impregnates Rosemary with the devil's baby, and one hell of a style icon. 

Images: Blue silk polka dot scarf:  Navabi , Geometric silk shirt dress:  Selfridges , Glasses chain:  Liberty,  Bobbi Brown reading glasses;  SaksFithAvenue , Lipcolor in pink nude:  Macy's , Eyeshadow palette:  SaksFithAvenue , Vintage gold flower peal earrings:  Snobswap

Images: Blue silk polka dot scarf: Navabi, Geometric silk shirt dress: Selfridges, Glasses chain: Liberty, Bobbi Brown reading glasses; SaksFithAvenue, Lipcolor in pink nude: Macy's, Eyeshadow palette: SaksFithAvenue, Vintage gold flower peal earrings: Snobswap

It's easy to discount Minnie as just some meddling neighbor, overstaying her welcome and plopping down in Rosemary's apartment to do needlework with neighbor and dear friend of Minnie's Laura-Louise: 


But considering Minnie is instrumental in ushering the new era of evil into the world, I think that's a completely unfair assessment. Minnie basically makes sure the entire plan goes exactly as it should, all the while keeping a very close eye on Rosemary. Plus, she does all this and grow herbs while looking totally amazing. 

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Image via Rosemary's baby/Paramount Pictures

Image via Rosemary's baby/Paramount Pictures

Images: Vintage Bill Blass silk paisley dress with jeweled cuffs:  1StDibs , Pre-owned Vintage Chanel earrings:  ShopHers , Hair Ribbon:  Liberty

Images: Vintage Bill Blass silk paisley dress with jeweled cuffs: 1StDibs, Pre-owned Vintage Chanel earrings: ShopHers, Hair Ribbon: Liberty

Everything Minnie wears in this movie is dreamy and perfect for witchery, from her dinner party kimono to her neon pink and green New Year's Eve party gown to her Christmas shopping coat. No wonder Roman was so smitten with her

I don't know about you, but I think I'll spend my afternoon puttering about in a vintage Pucci shirtdress and whipping up some chocolate mousse. Now, where did I put my tannis root?