You Can Be Furious at Cops Who Kill People. You Can Be Furious at People Who Kill Cops.

...Especially when those cops were protecting people who were at a peaceful protest to grieve the lives of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. A protest where there were many children present, who attended with their parents because their parents wanted to teach them about injustice and inequality. 

Last night at the tail end of a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas, 12 police officers were shot by snipers, five fatally. It's devastating, heartbreaking, and tragic. We don't yet know who the snipers are who committed this atrocity. We don't know what race they are, what their affiliation is, what their motives are — besides hatred. 

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This was the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11. 

You can grieve for the officers who were killed, who were someone's loved one, family member, son or daughter, parent. Your heart can break for this world. Your heart can break for knowing that all this act has done is incite more bigotry and hatred when this is the last thing we need now.

You can be livid and disgusted when you see things like this:

But you don't have to chose "a side." You can be sad, and heartbroken, and scared, and devastated by all of it.

Our hearts go out to the law enforcement who were murdered and injured last night. Our hearts also go out to all those we have lost their lives due to unjust policing.