A Conversation With My Teen Daughter About Hillary Clinton's Presidential Nomination

by Jess Burnquist

Image via GageSkidmore/Flickr

Image via GageSkidmore/Flickr

July 26, 2016 marked an historic day as Hillary Rodham Clinton became the first woman to secure the nomination as presidential candidate for the Democratic party in the United States of America.

As the mother of a 15-year-old daughter, I wanted to check in with my girl to see how she feels about the recent political happenings, specifically this nomination. Below is a snapshot of how Hillary Clinton's nomination has had an impact on one young, American girl — my daughter, Lilly Beth. 

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Hey Lilly Beth, how do you feel about Hillary Clinton receiving the nomination as the first female in a major party to run for President of the United States?

It’s cool to be alive for it and it shows that women are capable of being, you know, capable. 

Does it inspire you?

Yeah, it does because she’s a female politician going for the highest position in the land and I don’t really hear too much about women politicians getting that far.

What do you think about all of the negative press she gets?

She doesn’t give up, that’s for sure. She really wants to reach a goal and I don't think it's about being famous or anything. Like, I really think she wants to change the world. 

Do you think Hillary Clinton’s nomination will be meaningful to your toddler cousin, Hannah, as she grows up?

It’s cool because if Hillary Clinton is elected as president, Hannah will never know what it was like before a woman held that office. 

Do you ever want to run for president?

No, I want to be a comedian, so I’ll make fun of presidents — that or I’ll be a humanitarian. 

Anything you want to say about Donald Trump? 

Nothing that you can print, Mom. 

Thanks for answering all my questions — glad I can high-five you on this historic day. 

Eye rolls for days were followed by a high-five and a side smile. I was pretty happy to be alive for this day as well. Like daughter, like mother.