We Made a Website for Middle-Aged Women

by Eve Vawter

Image Via barbie.harris37/Flickr; Modified by Maximum Middle Age

Image Via barbie.harris37/Flickr; Modified by Maximum Middle Age

Because there ain't no shame in being old. 

I'm old, my friends are old, you are probably old. Okay, well, not old-old, but old-er, old enough not to give a rat's ass about what the Kardashians are doing and old enough to remember owning a Bauhaus or Van Halen LP. Not that there's anything wrong with being old — if we are lucky we all get old — but far too often media and websites and the rest of the world make us feel like there's no place for us in the lady blog-o-sphere. Until now. 

I've been writing and editing on these here Internets for about the last 10 years. The last two websites I worked for decided to focus on millennials. I thought this was a pretty dumb strategy because you know who has no money? Millennials. When I was under 30 I was lucky to have enough money to buy a beer at the bar. Now that I'm old I have spending power and wanna use it. I want a website that knows who I am and what I care about with plenty of room for all my other old friends to discuss pop culture and world events through a lens that probably looks a lot like reading glasses. I've got nothing against millennials. I have a few of them. It's just no longer my jam, as the kids like to say. 

There are a mess of amazing, talented, wonderful writers and editors behind this website, and a fantastic designer by the name of Jenny Poore. You can contact any of us via our About page.

We are very excited to be here, and we are very excited to have you join us. So pull up a chair, pour something strong, and stay awhile. We'll be here, in all of our wrinkled, middle-aged glory.