The World's Easiest Pinterest-Worthy Fourth of July Recipe

by Andrea Chmelik

Image by Peter Masny

Image by Peter Masny

You know who you are. If a recipe has more than five ingredients (or more than two different kinds of spices), then travel to Mars is more realistic.

A photo of your friend's perfectly balanced dinner with just the right amount of vitamin A and HDL cholesterol pops up in your feed just as you reach for another piece of bread. At least you have wine to go with it — essentially you're just being French, you tell yourself. And chances are that in a few days you will be either attending or hosting a Fourth of July party. You know it'll be a potluck and you've already started getting anxious about what to take.

So here, for you, is my favorite (edible) DIY American flag. 

Image by Andrea Chmelik

Image by Andrea Chmelik

Easiest-ever Fourth of July Recipe


  • Strawberries 
  • Blueberries
  • White cheese 


  1. Cut the cheese into small cubes (or buy the pre-cubed variety).
  2. Cut the strawberries in half.
  3. Fill a smaller dish with blueberries and put in the corner of a larger dish. Arrange strawberries and cheese cubes in rows.  


Now chase the kids away so you can show off your patriotic creation to your adult friends who will surely want to pin it. Then enjoy the fireworks. 

And since you will definitely need a cocktail to go with your patriotic eats, whip up our Red, White, and Blue Berry Sangria

Happy Fourth of July! 



Andrea Chmelik is a writer and a stay-at-home mom. Transplant from Slovakia, she enjoys the perfect weather of California central coast and the wine selection that comes with it. Her other hobbies include cats, fiery conversations and excessive Facebooking.