'More' Magazine Has Rebranded Itself So Now Millennial Women Can Finally Have Their Own Website!!!

by Eve Vawter

Image via  Twitter

Image via Twitter

Can I get an AMEN? It's about time women's media focused on the much underserved target audience of 18- to 34-year-old women!

According to Advertising Age

Whereas the original More magazine was targeted at older, well-heeled women, or "women of style and substance," the digital version of the brand is aimed at a much younger audience, more akin to the readership of a brand like Refinery29 or Bustle.

This is such good news because as everyone knows, there just aren't enough websites and magazines geared towards young women, and it sounds like Meredith realizes this: 

"It's content by Millennials, for Millennials. They discover and curate the best of what's happening in the worlds of beauty, style and entertainment and deliver it all day so readers can make the most of their 'me' moments."

I'm gonna take a MOMENT FOR ME right now and say: 

I'm not saying millennial women shouldn't have their own websites, but they already do: Cosmo, Bustle, Jezebel, Refinery, The Frisky, XoJane... They have PLENTY of content geared towards millennial women. But at least um, we have us? 

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It's just so frustrating that media doesn't realize that older women (cough) are totally unrepresented and ignored, we like stuff, we care about things, we are interested in pop culture and the world, and we have more money to spend than our younger friends.

So what gives? It's ageism, flat out, and it's a shame that yet another publication has decided that older women aren't a worthwhile audience.