Brexit According to Those Who Can Explain It Way Better Than We Can

by Asha Rajan

In a landmark decision overnight, the UK has chosen to exit the European Union. The implications of this decision are far-reaching and wide-ranging. Here's a roundup of some good explanatory articles on the #brexit decision and its implications.

For a brief run down on what Brexit is all about, John Oliver sums it up succinctly.


"In stunning decision, Britain votes to leave the E.U." - The Washington Post

"Why we are part of the Brexit problem - and what to do" -  The Local

The Guardian's thoughtful piece on the implications for those already most disenfranchised within the UK: "After this vote the UK is diminished, our politics poisoned."

This piece, also from the Guardian, that examines the rise of xenophobic politics and its role in this decision: "The dispossessed voted for Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn offers real change."

CNN is reporting that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has mooted plans for Scotland to revisit a referendum on independence from Britain: "Scotland likely to seek independence after EU vote, first minister says."


And so we don't all end up looking quite so clueless as Donald Trump, here's an article from The Washington Post on the implications for the US of the #brexit decision: "Three big ways Brexit could affect Americans personally."

Asha Rajan


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