Missy Elliott & Michelle Obama Just Made Every Website Use the Hashtag #Squadgoals

We became big fans of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden back when Lin-Manuel Miranda was in the passenger seat - which wasn’t that long ago, but we’ve since devoured every bit of every clip available on YouTube. It’s hard to pick a favorite because they are all just.so.good. Stevie Wonder, Adele, even Iggy Azalea - James Corden made my not loathe Iggy Azalea for like seconds, which is a miracle of the Lord.

But, gee, what could be better than all of that? FLOTUS Michelle Obama and FLOE (First Lady of Everything) Missy Elliott??? What??? Are you kidding me, right now? James Corden, do you want this old lady to die? Do you want me to die? Do you? Because I am actually old lady dying right now.


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But, we know Michelle Obama is a tireless advocate for education - especially for the education of young women. She even launched a Snapchat to highlight her upcoming trip to Liberia, Morocco and Spain to showcase her Let Girls Learn Initiative - which you should all totally get behind because, Jesus. LET GIRLS LEARN ALREADY!

And that’s all before Missy Elliott appears in the backseat singing, “This Is For My Girls” which also supports Let Girls Learn, followed by Get Your Freak On. Squad fucking goals.