Brave Badass Shannen Doherty Shaves Her Head Amid Breast Cancer Fight

by Eve Vawter

A lot of us grew up watching Beverly Hills, 90210 and love/hating Brenda Walsh, who Shannen Doherty portrayed on the TV series. So even though a lot of us know, or are, cancer survivors, it feels like a gut punch to see Shannen Doherty sharing photos of her shaving her head on social media. 

Shannen announced her breast cancer diagnosis in a lawsuit filed August 19th against her former business management firm. Doherty shared what she called The Six Steps on her social media accounts, and in the first photo she is seen embracing her mother before she starts the difficult process.

It just all so sad. I mean, it's sad that any woman (one in eight women develop invasive breast cancer) has to go through this, and it's lovely to see Shannen has the support of her friends and family around her. 

This is one of the worst parts of getting old — it feels like we all know someone who has cancer or has died from cancer or some other awful disease.

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We wish her the best in her treatment, and I admire her bravery in sharing part of her journey with all of her fans.